I once watched a documentary on loneliness in which a single parent, running around after their children stated that they were ‘doing everything for everyone but had no one to do nothing with’. I want to be that person. Whether you have few people in your life or feel lonely with the many you have, I want this blog to be a place for you to come and talk to a faceless friend. I write how I talk without any great vocabulary or analytical skills and I want to talk about everything you would over coffee:

  • The products you use, advice to give and gain from you
  • The TV shows and films you’ve discovered or us documenting our experiences/views
  • Weekly Q&A’s where we get to know each other better
  • Discussions through comments, live chats or message boards if possible
  • Postcard Posts where we show you our country or share adventures

I want to create a community for readers to talk to each other also and make new friends, all over the world and also ask advice, discuss topics and rant without judgement, without the awkwardness of speaking words to another human or the obligation (I have commitment issues).

See you soon.