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I didn’t mean for this post to be Halloween related. It just so happens that the things I discovered for this week are perfect for the occasion. This post would have been appropriate for last Friday or today on the official Halloween as my hometown in Scotland celebrates Halloween on the last Friday of the month.

Among the many reasons why we don’t celebrate it on the same day as everyone else are: the town’s mining/ industrial past, when workers would be paid on the last Friday so they had extra to afford to hold the celebration and the last Friday was the day in which Witches were burned at the stake. I’m not too sure about the latter but the former is what I heard from my Granny so that’s the one I’m sticking with.


granny peace sign


In more recent times we all tend to celebrate it on the last Friday as well as on the 31st which means double the amount of sweeties. We extra like that… Happy Halloween!


doing the most walking to trick people for more sweets

On Our Way To Trick People For More Treats



The Haunting of Hill House


the haunting of hill house


Something I discovered about myself lately is that I don’t watch a lot of new television shows. Instead, I’ll find myself sometimes opening Twitter, closing the tab, opening up a new tab and typing Twitter into the search bar again. Or refreshing the same page for, like, 15 minutes.

However, recently while I was down a Youtube hole that started at Loose Women clips and finished with someone making a bed out of soap for their dog, I stumbled upon ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ trailer and it peaked my interest not just because it is a creepy story but it stars Elizabeth Reaser who – if you are a Twilight fan you will know – plays mama Esme Cullen in The Twilight Saga. Yes, I’m a fan of Twilight. *Fist up* Represent!


men fighting in the street

Fighting Twihard Haters


The Haunting of Hill House takes place in 1992, when parents Hugh – the fixer upper – and Olivia Crain – the architect – temporarily move into Hill House with their five children, renovating with the hope to resell. Unforeseen repairs in the house force them to stay longer than they anticipated, opening them up to paranormal activity within the house at night. 

I don’t want to spoil it too much but something tragic happens in the house and they have to flee in the middle of the night. And 26 years later, after tragedy strikes again, they have to look past their strained relationships and reunite to confront what happened all those years ago.

I started the show a couple of weeks back and thought I’d just watch an episode but ended up watching straight through until the last episode. I started the first episode at 7pm and finished at 5am which was supposed to be my wake up time for work. But there is so much that happens straight from episode one which will leave you immediately wanting to watch the next episode.


Realising Binging A TV Show Was A Mistake When I Have To Go To Work On No Sleep

Realising Binging A TV Show Was A Mistake When I Have To Go To Work On No Sleep


I like the arrangement of the show because each episode is dedicated to each member of the family and what they experienced in the house in the run up to them fleeing as well as how these experiences have affected them into adulthood. It does feels a bit jumbled at the start because the show goes back and forth between the characters as children and their lives as adults and the timeline jumps constantly as well but as the show progresses you get more pieces to the story and it starts to make sense.

There will be parts you see coming; however, there are many more twists and turns and, even better, unpredictable jump scares that will leave you shouting at four o’clock in the morning (I definitely didn’t do that…). Everyone I’ve told about the show has then raved about it and how scary it is and with a cast full of familiar faces (Carla Gugino, Elizabeth Reaser, Kate Siegel, Michiel Huisman and McKenna Grace), it’s a must watch this Halloween.

The Haunting of Hill House Season One is available in it’s entirety on Netflix.




Jenna & Julien Podcast

Jenna and Julien Podcast


Beeech. Even if you may not necessarily be knowledgeable on Youtubers, one name which sticks out among the rest – certainly on the Internet – is Jenna Marbles. Her reign as Queen of Meme is cemented (Kermit joke for Jenna fans) and her success and popularity only continue to grow.

I discovered Jenna, as many did, years ago when her video ‘How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking’ went viral. That was eight years ago (does anyone else think that 2010 doesn’t seem that long ago, but when someone says eight years… beech that’s a long time ago), and I didn’t watch anymore of her videos, really, until the beginning of this year when I found on my recommended page another of her many videos to go viral: ‘Ultimate 100 Coats Of Things’.


Jenna Marbles 100 Coats of Things

*Instantly clicks subscribe*


I’ve watched almost all of Jenna’s videos since and through Jenna have also come to know Julien – her Aries boyfriend – and her three dogs: Kermit, Peach and Marbles. If the Internet was to be summed up into one or two people it definitely would be Jenna and Julien. They recite vines like bible verses (Cowboy, I love you… *licks*), have coined phrases which are all too familiar to their audience (“Aw hell yeah” and “eh bby”) and have since both branched off from their own respective channels and created a weekly podcast called the ‘Jenna Julien Podcast’.


Hell Yeah Jenna Marbles


Various topics that have been the subject of these podcasts are: Secret societies, their birth charts, their car accident, Julien not knowing the difference between Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, storytimes and most recently – in the spirit of Halloween – listening to ghost recordings and telling scary stories including skinwalker encounters.

Each podcast lasts around the one hour mark but whether you listen to it in the background or watch along to their podcast, time flies by because as a pair they are entertaining. Hard work and expansion will obviously have helped their success but, I think, also something which in itself is quite simple: being themselves. I think as Youtubers become big some feel the need to act big when really their audience doesn’t care that their weekly upload is just them talking to a camera.

In a way, watching them on screen and how they interact with each other and their ability to be open and up for a laugh is something which I think has impacted how I am in my own life. It’s given me a little bit more freedom in my life to just be more open and have fun and not care who’s watching.


jenna marbles blending in with chair

Me Showing The World My True Self


You can find the Jenna Julien Podcast HERE, Jenna’s Youtube Channel HERE and Julien’s Youtube Channel HERE.

You can follow Jenna on Twitter and Instagram and Julien on Twitter and Instagram.




American Horror Story: Apocalypse


american horror story apocalypse

From Fanfest


The American Horror Story franchise is not something that I’ve ever found myself interested in which is surprising given that the supernatural, magic and mythology is something which would usually intrigue me. If you are not familiar with the show, each season takes on completely different storylines with the same actors as new characters.

I tried to watch Murder House when the show first started but I just found it quite boring and dull. Not even Legendary Lange or Supreme Paulson could get me to watch that ish. I abandoned the idea of Asylum because a friend watched it from start to finish in one go and he’s still cradling himself in the corner. Season three, though, that was my shit.

Coven was everything I want out of a show. It had history, it had clapbacks and gif-worthy moments. Most of all it had the witches and magic. I’ve always found myself gravitating toward female characters standing in their power and holding their own against all odds.


one girl fights group

Strength of a Supreme


In Coven, they have a Supreme, one witch above all that – when needed – led her witches into battle. And it just so happened that Season three ended with Sarah Paulson becoming the next Supreme. (You’ve had time, don’t @ me).


Im The Fucking Supreme


There have been more four seasons since Coven, leading to the current season: Apocalypse. Apocalypse takes place three years in the future, in 2021, and centres, so far, on a shelter called Outpost 3 – a bunker for survivors following a global nuclear blast. These survivors are made up mainly of people who have been ‘chosen’, due to something in their genetic make-up which makes them special. The other survivors are the rich who were able to afford their place in the bunker. Fucking typical.

This season is a coming-together of the first season, Murder House, and the third season, Coven. Those who watched the first season (or those, like me, who are obsessed with looking up wiki on characters to study how powerful they are) will know that Murder House ended with the birth of the Anti-Christ. Not to give too much away but Apocalypse opens with what you’d assume is the Anti-Christ succeeding in ending the world. And the witches are in town to put a stop to him. 


American Horror Story Apocalypse Witches Walk


I have been loving this season so far, mostly because I get to see more witch-goodness but it breathes more life into characters we thought we wouldn’t see again. It is set in the future so the episodes so far have focused on what happened during those three years before the apocalypse happened, the Anti-Christ’s coming up of power and the witches trying to put a stop to him to save the world. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of many of the American Horror Story series, this season is one worth watching.

You can catch American Horror Story: Apocalypse on FX if you are in the US, and FOX if you are in the UK.




Kim Russo: The Happy Medium


Kim Russo The Happy Medium Book


I first discovered Kim Russo years ago when ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’ was a nightly watch for my brothers and I before we had to go to bed. Celebrity Ghost Stories had different celebrities on each episode, giving their account of a paranormal experience they had been subject to.

We then heard of a show, The Haunting Of, which branched off from Celebrity Ghost Stories and would take the celebrity back to their place of haunting to delve deeper into why they had their ghostly experience. It starred Kim Russo as the medium who got down to business *cracks knuckles*.


hey there demons its me ya boy

Live footage of Kim investigating hauntings


Needless to say, it became our new favourite family show and we watched every episode we could find. So when I found out through Twitter that she was releasing a book I knew that I had to buy it. Well, I bought it specifically for my mum for her birthday but I stole it off her to read. That’s what children are for.

I’ve stated several times how much of a lover I am of all things relating to spirituality. I have a wee collection of crystals and I’ve said how I recently bought tarot cards. I’ve even tried to follow along with meditation Youtube videos. One specifically tried to get me to visualise walking up a spiral staircase, walking through a library and through a door to outside, where it’s raining etc. But the only thing I saw, sweetie, was the pitch black behind my eyes. One time I did see what I thought what an orange orb in the pitch black that made my heart race but that also could maybe have been my eye spasming.


That's so Raven Psychic Miss Cleo

Me After A Few Spiritual Youtube Videos


There is a genuineness that surrounds Kim and a warmth and kindness that radiates off her that might endear even the biggest sceptic. Her first book ‘The Happy Medium: Life Lessons From The Other Side’ is a winner and definitely an interesting read if you are interested in energy and the other side. The book details her journey to where she is now, how she came to find out she had her gift when she was a wee girl, her experiences on The Haunting Of and lessons in daily life. There are also tips spread throughout the book on how to harness energy all around. One part of the book I loved and am so intrigued by is past life regression. That is something I would love to try.

Part of me thinks that maybe our opinions, loves, fears etc. is a reflection of what happened in past lives. I personally love all things Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Ego tells me I was a God(dess) or Pharaoh but knowing my luck I was probably a peasant boy. Yes M’Lord! I can’t wait to read her new book, Your Soul Purpose: Learn How To Access The Light Within when it is released.

You can buy Kim’s book The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the other side on Amazon, Waterstones and on her Website.

Kim’s new book Your Soul Purpose: Learn How To Access The Light Within is available for pre-sale and comes out in April 2019.

You can follow Kim on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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