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So I had been thinking about what to post and I thought what better way to find things to talk about than to share our weekly finds so we can all discover new TV shows, brands etc. So I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve found recently and things I enjoy in general that I think the world should know about. Feel free to post your ‘Friday Finds’ down below in the comments as I’d love to find new discoveries too. Let’s get into it…



Gogglebox Australia



From IMDb


I’m sure you all know what Gogglebox is. It’s a show where couch potato critics share their laughter, tears and everything in between from the best and worst of television. I prefer the Australian version over our own. The cast is usually made up of couples, friends, families etc. But I always wondered if they would cast a loner who talks to themselves.



Me getting ready for my close-up


It was such a refreshing find: the location, the humour, the shows and I’ve binge-watched every season. There isn’t one household who I think ‘get to fuck’ about when they appear on the screen. The good news is a new season started not too long ago so you’ve got something waiting for you when you catch up!



Agatha Raisin



From Comedy


British detective series’ are one of the biggest things for The UK to be proud of and this show has quickly become one of my favourites. Ashley Jensen plays Agatha Raisin, the Cotswolds-based PR guru turned amateur sleuth. The show is based on the books by M.C. Beaton and began with a movie which then spawned 8 more episodes of the comedic murder mystery. I was devastated when I finished the series and watched them on repeat. It evokes a homely feel, the spirit of Christmas as that is around the time I found it so I was overjoyed at the news it will be returning at Christmas. I think you’ll instantly fall in love with the stories and the characters.




A Discovery of Witches



I’ve just stumbled on a new show and I don’t know what to say about it because of how new it is. The advertisements featured vampires and witches, powers “we thought were extinct” at which I thought ‘Yasss Queen’. I love dark shows and everything mystical having grown up on Charmed. I don’t know why really, I think it might be because deep down I know that somewhere in the world, my existence has been prophesised and my destiny will one day be realised, that’s all. It begins with a historian who, after opening a missing manuscript has her carefully ordinary life disturbed by the magical world, having been determined to remain untouched by her family’s magical legacy. I’m excited to see more of this.



Me in the privacy of my own home thinking I’m special



American Mum



From Youtube


I know they get a lot of criticism, but I enjoy watching reaction channels. I’m that friend who will show you something and stare at you as you watch it. I love expression and watching someone watch something great for the first time and get chills or bathing in their tears as they break their wee heart. So, when I stumbled upon American Mum during the Game of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’ reaction, I subscribed instantly. American Mum is such a cutie patootie and her reactions are great with something to offer everyone whether it be tv shows such as Game of Thrones, Lost etc. or bits and clips of requested content.

Find American Mum on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.




Erin Doogan aka BeautyCreep



From Youtube


Recently I’ve noticed the rise in Scottish influencers, Youtubers in particular. Over the years, the utter fucking cringe I felt at the Scottish accent on TV, film and Youtube has diminished and I’m so happy to see fellow Scots doing so well. There are a number of Scottish Youtubers I recommend following but above all it has to Erin aka BeautyCreep who was the first Scottish Youtuber I found and through whom I found many others. Erin will make you laugh and again, there is something for everyone with sit down videos, every day vlogs, hiking vlogs which have been of great inspiration and motivation to me as well as a series Erin has called ‘Week in the Life of a Period’ where she vlogs her day to day life during her period to reduce the stigma surrounding the topic. Despite not having a vagina, I watch anyway.

Find Erin on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.




Lily Koi Hawaii



From Youtube


I can’t remember a time I wasn’t subscribed to Lily. She is one of the sweetest, strongest, funniest, most knowledgeable people I have found on Youtube. With the beautiful backdrop of the Big Island of Hawaii, Lily (as well husband Liwai and family) offers the best tips on thriving with a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle and taking responsibility for your health & happiness while vitalizing our Earth, our communities, our families, and ourselves. Lily’s youtube channel is diverse with educational videos, recipes, DIYs, favourites, vlogs and life stories. She has ascended to the highest ranks of the ‘friends in my head’ list.

Find Lily on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.




Soul Source Tarot



From Youtube


Like I said, I’m drawn to the mystical, the spiritual and despite having the worst fucking intuition in world, recently bought a tarot deck I don’t know how to use. My ego tells me I’m destined and prophesised to be the second coming. The knot in my stomach tells me where to go when in reality I should have got off three stops ago. I’m a believer in psychics, mediums, spiritualists etc. and recently I’ll have Soul Source Tarot on in the background. She is the realest intuitive on Youtube. Wendy said it best, she’ll give it to you straight no chaser. She has her own business but offers monthly readings for star signs, daily vibes and the funniest and yet insightful live videos about life in general.

Find Soul Source Tarot on YoutubeFacebook and on her website.




Shea Butter Cottage



From Facebook


I found Shea Butter Cottage when I went hunting for ingredients to get Lily’s goddess hair (nobody has to know my hair’s only a couple inches long tho). If you are looking for ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients directly from farmers/producers or through community projects, which why wouldn’t you be? Then Shea Butter Cottage is for you.

Akua Wood, a Ghananian native of Sheabutter Cottage founded her brand in response to her frustration in trying to find a natural range of toiletries to moisturise her skin after the shock of the British cold, damp winters and raw winds. So, she started concocting her own, using an ingredient native to her country.


Shea Butter

*in kitchen pretending I’m making a potion*


As a side note, you will find Akua to be a beautiful, funny soul so even if the message of the brand doesn’t move you, you can’t help but want to help your new friend in your head. For essential oils, exotic butters, exotic oils, face care, herbs, superfoods, natural shampoo, soap and toiletries and raw ingredients visit

You can also find Akua on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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