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I’ve never been much of a fragrance person until recently. Not because I’ve never been interested in having one – if a person walked by that smelled great, I’d want to stop them and ask what they were wearing – but that there’s too many on the market for me to know where to even start. I also just assumed that an expensive fragrance must be the best on the market. How I got that logic I do not know, but that was quickly shot down by the purchase of an £100 fragrance (which shall not be named) which, upon spritz, I thought was supposed to transport me to Tuscany where I’d have ‘Letters to Juliet’ vibes and smell all citrus-y. What an expensive miscalculation that was. I smelled more like musty leather. And apart from the odd fragrance sample I get with other online purchases, I haven’t used anything since.




“But you do know that you can test some fragrances out at a counter?” Yeah, about that… I’m too anti-social/awkward. The thought of someone lingering around whilst I spritz and sniff and pretend to know what I’m on about is just one of many more cringe-worthy moments waiting to happen. I’ve been more of an “antiperspirant and go” type of person. And, as I’m getting older and also have some nights out on the horizon, I want to experiment more with my scent. To find my signature scent. Step in Commodity.

Commodity are a cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance brand that are based in London and New York and, until about a couple of months ago, I hadn’t yet discovered. Space NK had recently contacted me to say I had won one of their competitions on social media which of course I was excited to hear but I had forgotten what the prize was. But within a day, it arrived and I could smell it before I had even opened the packaging. So what was it?


The Portfolio Kit


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Credit: Commodity


A perfect introductory product for anyone, really, whether you’re just starting out with fragrances or are an experienced sniffer that has yet to be introduced to this brand. ‘The Portfolio’ contains fifteen of Commodity’s fragrances in 2ml vials which are grouped into their respective collections: Platinum, Black and White. All collections are represented by 5 fragrances in the kit, and you also receive an information booklet which details the different collections, each individual fragrance and which perfumer created which fragrance. Some good information that the booklet has is how to spray fragrances onto your skin. I always see people spraying their fragrances onto their wrists and then rubbing them together but the booklet tells you that you should let the scent air-dry as rubbing takes off the top notes of the scent.

I love the idea that each fragrance is uni-sex because even though more masculine scents are usually marketed towards myself, it is always the more ‘feminine’ marketed/fresh scents which catch my attention. I don’t want to smell like a leather daddy. And the packaging I think is on point as well. Minimalist but will clearly stand out on your counter.




What I also really like is that you can wear one of the fragrances by itself or you have the option to layer a few of the fragrances and customise it to make it personal. I have no idea how to layer or what goes with what so I just spray the shit out of myself with my favourites and hope for the best. Each vial has about 30-35 sprays so there’s enough product get creative with. I have to say that I have 5 favourites from across the kit which are: Tonka from the Platinum collection, Wool and Velvet from the Black Collection and Nectar and Gold from the White collection. All very different but beautiful on their own or layered together. The rest of the fragrances in the kit I’ve only spritzed a few times and have still to have a proper try of but the ones which I’m not so keen on make for great wee gifts to give to family or friends, for someone else to discover Commodity for their first time.


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If you happen to purchase The Portfolio Kit or any one of their products don’t forget to Instagram your purchase and use the hashtag #StyleYourCommodity. If they regram your image you will win a Commodity 10ml Travel Spray or Commodity Bath Bar of your choice.

The Portfolio Fragrance Kit retails for £35.00 and is available at SpaceNK or Commodity.


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