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I know, I know.


im tired of this crap

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*long pause* Sowee.

I would say my absence has been due to a busy life but quite frankly, I’m a hermit. All I do is drink tea and watch Midsomer Murders. Okay, that’s not all I do. I also watch Marple.

I had this vision in my head that I would create a blog with a purpose and everyone would flock to it, not because it is of any quality because really my content is utter shite but the idea of being a community is important to me and I believed I would find people who were in a similar situation to me. I love people, I love being around people and connecting with them, but sometimes face to face contact can make a comfortably secure person quite shy and distant. At least in my case.

I have decided to begin posting content again because I want to get this thing moving and I believe in the concept and the potential of what it will do me and others. I will have some more of those long ass Outlander posts coming soon as well as a fragrance review but for now, here are some ways you can interact with us when we have no blog posts to well, post.



Twitter STDNW

Follow us on Twitter @stdnwblog


Our Twitter is where you will find us most of the time. I gave up on Twitter years ago when I closed my personal page but recently it seems to be where I am most of the time. Probably falling back into trying to get the famous friends in my head to notice me.




Stdnw instagram

Follow us on Instagram @someonetodonothingwith


Our Instagram seems to be quite bare. And by bare I mean bare bum. Butt ass naked. I’m a shit photographer. I get my brother to take photos of things for me. I don’t take selfies of myself in my personal life because there isn’t much to work with regardless and most people use this platform to promote their photography etc. so I didn’t see the point. But I feel like Instagram is kind of overtaking Twitter and I don’t understand trying to make a blog a success if I’m not willing to commit to all platforms I know will help the blog.



Facebook STDNW

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This is a more recent addition to our blog. I had to make a new personal account to create this just in case friends and family discovered it which would be horrifying. The point is to make the page anonymous so people have a ‘Faceless Friend’ not someone playing a game of ‘Who am I?’ and everyone knows but they’re playing along.



Facebook Group STDNW

Join our Facebook Group: Here!


Finally, we have our new Facebook Group! We had dabbled with a forum on the blog but honestly, it was not only uninviting and difficult to work but I didn’t even know what headings to have, there was a registration page which became complicated so we’ve made it simple in a place where most people would have accounts anyway.

This is where I would like to develop friendships, have conversations, allow you to make your own connections with people. Don’t worry, I won’t have a complicated rule list of what you can post and on what day etc. The only rule is you don’t attack each other.



This has been easier to get out than expected. The Outlander posts take forever to write and edit and then there is the watching of the episodes and the procrastination because I feel overwhelmed and then the watching again because I’ve forgotten everything and then editing further etc. This is all so people have something to follow, a conversation if you will, during the show.

Shorter posts seem like the way to go, not to mention I can hardly stay concentrated for so long with my own posts. That way I can play around with ideas and put out content more frequently.

*cut to another 3 months later*


old lady hoarders


– Your Someone To Do Nothing With.


  1. August 29, 2018 / 8:42 pm

    I love the concept of what you are doing. So many of the big blogs like the ‘fame’ of being a well known blogger but I love the ‘faceless friend’ idea and trying to build a genuine community. I have my own theory of how/why blogging has grown so much in recent years and i think it is a lack of community in the way things were many years ago so people have the need for a virtual community instead. Like you, i can feel awkward around people face to face and so that appeals to me about online friendships and blogging.

    • someonetodonothingwith
      August 29, 2018 / 11:43 pm

      Thank you so much Rebecca! I agree, I sometimes feel like a nuisance more than anything. I think with the rise of mobile phones and social media, real life interaction feels hard or uncomfortable. I’m certainly unable to be myself but maybe that’s because I’m too concerned with being judged. Maybe those who would judge us in real life will find out we’re not so bad in text form.

  2. September 2, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    Oh haha I love the name of your blog & the tag line

    Tiana/ fablemoonsays.com

    • someonetodonothingwith
      November 13, 2018 / 11:21 pm

      Thank you! That’s about all we can offer anyone haha!

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