My Sk:n Experience (Before and After)



*Southern Accent* Hey y’all. This is now my third – and last – post on Sk:n as I had my final glycolic treatment about two weeks ago so I want to show the results of these past 3 and a half months. Just to remind you, I started this journey I’d say mid-January and, in that time, all I’ve used on my skin is Sk:n products. I was prescribed antibiotics from my doctor just to help speed up the healing process in February and had my first treatment at the beginning of March. So, how is my skin looking right now?


Left: Skin at the beginning of January                                           Right: Skin at the beginning of May


Left: Skin at the beginning of January                                         Right: Skin at the beginning of May


A massive difference when compared to my skin at the start – especially the redness/inflammation. The block of hyper-pigmentation on the right side of my face is starting to break up which I’m happy about as it’s the biggest area of pigmentation on my face. Honestly, just to not have to worry about spots (literally, I’ve only had a handful of spots since I’ve been using Sk:n) is a great feeling to have. My doctor did say that I wouldn’t see results from the antibiotics until after three months. It’s now been three and a half months, and I still have about another one and a half months left of my pills so fingers crossed that helps the last of my pigmentation to go.

Would I recommend Sk:n? Yes, I’d definitely recommend their products and their Glycolic treatments. If you go into one of their clinics you can buy a bundle of products for either oily or dry skin for £109, which I think is reasonably priced considering what you get in the bundle (A 200ml cleanser, a 50ml hydrator, a 30ml blemish lotion, a 30ml pore refining lotion and a 50ml Heliocare SPF). And their treatments are always on offer.


Treat Yo Self


This obviously isn’t the only method of achieving clear skin. If you haven’t got too much money to spend, then I’d look out Caroline Hirons, Nadine Baggott, Trinny and Teresa Tarmey for advice and recommendations on products. I just got so desperate because my skin was getting worse that I sought out my nearest clinic, which just so happened to be Sk:n.

I want to make skin and product reviews a regular thing on the blog, so once my skin has settled and I finish the last of my Sk:n products, I will incorporate newness into my routine. If you would also like for me to review different treatments then I’d be happy to do that too.

Until then, I’d say I’m pretty happy with my Sk:n…


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  1. sejbomb
    November 6, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    Wow, huge improvement. Mine is mainly hormonal, always on the chin and jaw line. I’m 31, you’d have thought my teen years got rid of all the acne possible, but my body is like “nope”…not happening. Thanks adult skin, you’re really helpful lol.

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