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It’s been a while since my last skin update and I went for my second glycolic treatment not too long ago so I thought I’d show you how my skin is currently looking. I wasn’t sure whether to just show you my skin after I’d had all of my treatments or give you updates along the way, but thought the latter would be better since you would then have an idea of how my skin is looking and how much time actually passes before you start getting the results you’re after.

I tend to prefer going for my treatment in the morning as I’m required to be bare faced and so if I go in the morning, I find Glasgow to be less busy so I feel less self-conscious. My full face isn’t red afterwards; however, my pigmentation looks more inflamed and I’d rather just avoid as many people as possible. One of my friends was telling me about her son having acne but he doesn’t let it affect him and doesn’t seem bothered by it. I thought how great an attitude that was to have … but that ain’t me. A couple spots I can deal with but my pigmentation was quite bad and for me, right now, I feel more comfortable covering them up. No one wants acne, so I’m sure that it must affect him to some degree. I’ve noticed, how much of a difference clear skin can have on how I carry myself in public. After my first consultation, I walked around Glasgow with my head down and avoiding eye contact with everyone trying to get to the John Lewis’ toilets as quickly as possible so I could put my concealer on. Once I had it on, I walked out feeling good and confident about myself because it was one thing less I had to worry about.




My complexion has definitely gotten better. Although my pigmentation is going very slowly, the biggest difference is the active breakouts I’ve had. Since starting this regimen I can count on one hand how many spots I’ve had since January. The products as well as the treatments have made my skin look brighter and I’ve had people tell me that they’ve noticed how much better my skin is looking.

My second treatment was done by a different nurse and I found it interesting that her method was a bit different to the first nurse I had. The first time I went, it almost felt like the nurse applied the glycolic acid with some sort of smooth, pen-like device and massaged it in before counting down from 10 minutes. Afterwards, she used the Sk:n hydrator on me, along with a Vitamin A serum. The second nurse I had used a brush to apply the glycolic acid because I could feel the bristles on my face. And afterwards used the hydrator and that was it. None of them used an SPF on me afterwards which I thought you had to do to protect the newly sensitive skin from the sun. But my experience at the clinic was the same as my previous visits: quick and easy, pain-free and all the staff I encountered were so nice and friendly. [Side note: Are you supposed to talk during your treatments? That’s always something I’ve wondered about because I’m very awkward. If there’s too much talking, or the complete opposite – eery silence – I start to become quite anxious. Then the nurse is doing her thang, massaging my face and for some reason I notice myself holding my breath, then my breathing is out of rhythm so I start to breathe heavily all whilst acting cool but inside I’m hyperventilating and I’m worried she thinks I’m smelling her fingers. LOL.]




Here’s a picture of my pigmentation after my second treatment. This is about one/two weeks after the treatment. This is also post-skin routine (including SPF) in daylight:



Left side of face



Right side of face


This is also about two months into my antibiotics now. My doctor did say I wouldn’t see results until after three months but my skin care and the treatments seem to be helping a lot with preventing any new breakouts and restoring da glow. And that is something I’m happy about at the moment.

My third, and last, treatment is very soon so stay tuned!


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