My First Treatment With Sk:n



Just a quick check in since I recently went for a skin peel at the Gordon Street Sk:n Clinic in Glasgow and thought you might want to know how it went and how my skin reacted.

Previously, I had discussed with my nurse the possibility of booking a treatment to help speed along the process of getting rid of my acne scarring and give my skin a bit of rejuvenation (aka da glow). I’ve been interested in having a treatment for a while and knew that they might ask me if I wanted to have one; however was hesitant because of the cost. I didn’t want to be unnecessarily out of pocket for a treatment I didn’t really need. My nurse Angela recommended that I have nothing too strong as it may flare my skin up and undo how far my skin has come. Rather, she suggested something a bit gentler and, whilst the results may not be dramatic, would help to speed up the process of clearing my skin. I told her my worries of the cost and she told me that Sk:n always has 3 for 2 offers. For the treatment she recommended (the rejuvenation treatment), it came to £160 which would be the cost of two treatments and I’d get the third one free. I personally thought that was a great deal for three treatments, mainly because I thought from looking at the website that it would be a couple hundred pounds if not more. So I jumped on that.

There are many treatments that Sk:n offers. The treatment my nurse recommended was a 30% Glycolic Peel:



The procedure itself was quite quick, maybe 20 minutes at most? I was instructed not to wear any concealer or anything at all, really, on my skin after the treatment and not to wash my face that night so that the treatment had more time to work on my skin. First, she cleansed my skin before applying the peel. She then applied the acid to my skin and told me to expect some itching whilst it was on, as others have experienced. However, if it started to burn then I was to let her know. I didn’t feel anything but the coolness of the gel and it stayed on my skin for 10 minutes before she neutralised it. Afterwards, she applied some of the Sk:n hydrator – which I love – and then a Vitamin A serum. I was expecting to look sunburnt afterwards and, whilst my scarring looked really red, the skin around my face looked just fine.


samantha face peel


I had planned to go a walk around Glasgow and make a day of it but my skin looked pretty inflamed and, because I couldn’t put concealer on, I just got a coffee and a slice of carrot cake and caught the train home. (Interesting note: the woman who did my treatment doesn’t think I have scarring but thinks it might be post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.)

I should say that my skin calmed down about an hour or two after the treatment. And it didn’t even feel sore or raw. Here’s my skin a few days after the peel:



Left side of face



Right side of face


Personally, I think it’s a little redder than usual and I’ve had a couple of new spots appear, which is what I was told to expect with my peel, but the skin around my inflammation is also looking brighter.  I’ve booked in for another peel next week as the woman said for best results it’s recommended to have each treatment every two weeks and I am also almost two months into my antibiotics (what?!) and have about another month to go. I’ll update you again once I’ve had my second peel. I’m just happy that what I am using is working and my skin continues to be clearer with each day.


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