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It’s been almost one month since my last blog post about my Sk:n journey and I wanted to leave some time to update you all on how my skin is doing so I could let the products do their work. I am on antibiotics for my acne scarring and inflammation and whilst I have seen a bit of change I am putting that down to the products as my doctor has advised me to not expect any results for 3 months. Feels like forever to wait but one month has already raced by and I’m shocked at how quickly it has come and gone. Before I let you know the products I have been using, let me just reiterate that I haven’t seen major change in the appearance of my skin. Redness/inflammation, I feel, is definitely beginning to improve.



Marks on left side of face



Marks on right side of face


However, the biggest change I have noticed is how my skin feels. It doesn’t feel dry, it doesn’t feel oily. It just feels normal. Balanced. Beforehand, sometimes the products I used would leave me feeling a bit too sticky/oily come the end of day. I have also noticed that the number of spots I’ve gotten over the last month has dramatically reduced. I’d say during that time I’ve gotten maybe a total of 3 spots: two of which were small and under the surface and which had subsided after a couple of days as well as one small spot which came to the surface and also went quickly. I have to thank these products for banishing breakouts from my life.


Waiting For You At The Door


Now, let’s get into the products I’ve been using:

Sk:n Vitamin Rich-Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin (£22.00)


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Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid 2%, Salicylic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil (soothing), AHA/BHA’s

Out of all the products I used, this cleanser by Sk:n was the product I was the most unsure about as it contains SLS but I was determined to stick to the routine. For the first week I did, indeed, experience the dryness that comes with SLS before I applied the rest of my products. However, after the first week, the dry feeling disappeared and now my skin seems to tolerate it just fine. Other ingredients this cleanser contains are ‘evening primrose oil’ as well as ‘glycolic’ and ‘salicylic acid’. How effective these products are in a cleanser I’m not sure as they are only really on my skin for a couple of minutes but I’ll take those ingredients in any product, regardless. This product is a gel consistency and a little goes a long way, even when applied on dry skin.

Sk:n Hydrator for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin (£29.50)


28217804_341047089741557_288277083_o 28207981_341047203074879_1094453501_o


Key Ingredients: Botanical Moisturising Agent (moisturises), Marsh Samphire Extract (reduce redness), Boswellia Serrata (soothing) and Probiotics (repair and protect)

This is the ‘moisturiser’ of the kit and I apply this straight after I cleanse my skin. I know, it’s a bit back to front as you would usually apply moisturiser last, but Sk:n’s directions are to hydrate the skin first and then treat. I leave this to sink in for about 5-10 minutes before applying my treatment. I love the smell of this product which shouldn’t matter in a skin product but it’s enjoyable to use.

Sk:n Anti Blemish Control Serum (£26.75)


28309715_341047136408219_906194030_o 28236360_341052859740980_1747245157_n


Key ingredients: Olegopeptide 10 (Patented peptide to reduce bacteria and inflammation), Malic Acid (exfoliant), Salicylic Acid and Azealic Acid (treat acne, inflammation and hyperpigmentation)

In a Sk:n starter pack you get a cleanser, a hydrator and two treatments, as well as an SPF. This is your first treatment in the starter pack and you use this in the morning after your hydrator. Not much to say about this one. It has a gel consistency which sinks in really quickly upon application and smells quite clinical. The Olegopeptide 10 ingredient in the lotion is a patented peptide that reduces bacteria and inflammation in blemish-prone skin and is supposed to work in 14 days – something I agree with as I do notice a (albeit minimal) change. Together with the malic, salicylic and azelaic acid, makes this a very nice product.

Sk:n Pore Refining Lotion 30ml (£29.50)


28278541_341047109741555_2101481306_o 28275226_341054063074193_1412696954_o


Key Ingredients: Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid and Saccharide Isomerate (soothing)

The pore refining lotion is your nightly treatment from the starter pack and has a creamier consistency compared to the anti-blemish lotion. Again, a nice product. Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and, along with the hydrator, keeps my skin nice and moisturised without feeling over diddly done.

Heliocare® 360˚ Oil Free Gel SPF50 50ml (£29.50)


28217233_341047106408222_1329761044_o 28217226_341047179741548_708541669_o


Key Ingredients: Ferulic Acid, Vitamins C and E and Fernblock™

I first discovered Heliocare last year when someone recommended it for oily skins and have not changed my SPF since. I used to use the Heliocare gel SPF 50, which feels a bit wetter and thicker on application. The Heliocare 360˚ dries down very quickly and gives a more matte finish, I feel, compared to the dewy finish of the Heliocare gel SPF50. This one was recommended to me instead for my oily skin and I feel it better suits my skin type. I’ve found that it can pill ever so slightly if I touch my face and it can also sometimes sit in my lines, making them look a little more pronounced. But it has not broke me out since using it, nor had the Heliocare gel SPF 50. I’d definitely recommend both if you are having trouble finding an SPF that doesn’t break you out.

Products do take time to work and I’m already starting to see a change after one month which, after a year of no change whatsoever, makes me happy. I have another appointment tomorrow with Sk:n for a review and my nurse and I are discussing a peel to help speed up the process. Knowing my luck, I’ll end up fucking my skin up again. But I’ll update you again soon with further results and any treatments I may try. 


  1. February 20, 2018 / 10:35 pm

    My skin was pretty bad until I pretty much completely cut out dairy and sugar & switched to all organic/simple products. I still get the occasional breakout but it’s nowhere near as bad. I’m curious to see how your skin journey unfolds!

    • someonetodonothingwith
      February 21, 2018 / 8:50 pm

      Thank you! My huge breakouts themselves came from a product I used. And I kept swapping between different products constantly which I think inflamed my skin even more. But I do have a major sugar problem haha! Since using this range the amount of breakouts I am getting have dramatically reduced which is a relief. And I’m booked in for a few mild peels which I’m hoping will speed the process of getting rid of my marks. Fingers crossed!

  2. March 5, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    I took a look at your previous post before this one and I can see a major improvement already, I can’t wait to see the rest of your journey. I too have combination skin and something that helps me for spots is sudacrem you should try it out!

    • someonetodonothingwith
      March 8, 2018 / 10:18 pm

      Thanks so much! Omg, I haven’t used sudocrem in ages! I’ll try it when I get another active breakout. I know when I was at school it used to help with the redness of any spots I’d get. x

  3. March 5, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    I’m glad you feel like it’s working for you. Sorting out skin problems is such a long and arduous journey but hopefully you’ll see big results soon. Great post! 👌🏻

    • someonetodonothingwith
      March 8, 2018 / 10:09 pm

      I know! When my doctor told me that the antibiotics would take 3 months before I see a result, I thought it would take forever but it’s already almost 2 months and I have 1 more month to go and my regime has helped to improve my breakouts and skin overall. Thanks so much!

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