Watch Along: Outlander S1 E2: Castle Leoch


*Body percussions to the beat*


SING ME A SONG OF A LASS THAT IS GONE, SAY COULD THAT LASS…*murmurs because I don’t know the correct words*

I always wrote Outlander off, if I’m being honest. I didn’t rate Starz and all the “shipping” online put me off too. All in all, I thought it might have been a slight improvement of The CW. There is so much more quality here though, good writing and acting, original story, great music. I am sad because this mirrors my involvement in other shows or movies such as The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I arrived at LOTR only after watching The Hobbit, got involved with HP when the final films were released and with GOT, I started when the third season was airing. I’ve missed out on vital fangirling time. Anyway…

The episode opens with Claire arriving at Castle Leoch


Lol, look at that leg! Such a graceful way of getting off a horse!

“I would never find my way back, not unless I convinced these people to help me”

‘Help me get 300 years into the future’.


I do wonder how they would react. It is interesting to compare the time and the religion of the people with the belief in legend, tradition and folklore. You hear stories of people being stolen by Faeries and the difference of time in that world, people often returning hundreds of years later so I do think there is a possibility, if the explanation was done right, that she would be believed.

Claire locks eyes with a man looking out of a window. A woman exits the castle, welcoming the clansmen back.

“and whit do we have here?”

Jamie informs a suspicous looking ‘Mistress Fitzgibbons’.

“well … Claire. Come wae me, we shall find you something to eat and something to wear that’s a bit more, well a bit more.”

Uh, well that was a warm welcome from Mrs. Fitzgibbons.


I understand Claire is trying to look strong but the way she goes about it makes her look more confrontational. We all know people who are casually trying to look unbothered but have resting bitch face. It can turn a civil situation into a hostile one. Especially living in Scotland. ‘The fuck ye hink yer lookin at?’ *Glesga Kiss*

Claire informs Mrs. Fitzgibbons about Jamie’s wound and that she must tend to it before it gets infected.

“you mean to say you know what to do for that?”

“are ye a charmer then, a beaton?”

“Something like that.”

For someone who is trying to get back home, lay low, she’s offering up the fuel to her own fire. Though I’d like to think that, while I understand there would have been the religious fanatics, the people of Scotland or perhaps the mystical Highlands alone would have given some weight to natural medicine and ignored the confusion with witchcraft. 

With help from Mrs. Fitzgibbons, Claire tends to Jamie’s wound.  Jamie looks uncomfortable as the sheet around him is removed and Claire witnesses deep scars covering the length of his back. The Redcoats, he explains, flogged him twice in the space of a week. They’d have done it twice the same day he expects were they not afraid of killing him. There’s no joy in flogging a dead man.

“I shouldn’t think anyone would do such a thing for joy.”
“Well if Randall was not precisely joyous he was at least very pleased with himself.”

Jamie recounts how there was a levy on all land holders of the county. Small parties of soldiers were sent out to collect food, transport and suchlike when one day Randall came to their home. Hearing Jenny scream, he races to find the Redcoats restraining her.


Jamie fights the Redcoats off long enough for Jenny to run inside but Randall returns with a pistol to her and Jamie surrenders in exchange for letting his sister go. Upon hearing the connection he rips her shirt, exposing her, and orders the Redcoats to hold Jamie’s head up.

“He wanted to send a message: that’s what you get if you fight back against the English.”

Jenny is forced to watch as Randall whips a bound Jamie.

*slash* “ow … harder, I mean … no, stop?”

Randall asks if Jenny wants to see more or if she’d rather go into house and offer better entertainment.

“Don’t go with him, even if he slits my throat right before your eyes”.

Okay, Jamie, so you’ve never heard about bargaining with villains? They ALWAYS want their side of the deal and the other side too. Randall would easily have slit Jamie’s throat and still have taken Jenny just to torture her. And here he is his giving Randall ideas.

stupid son of a bitch

Randall unsheathes his dagger but uses it instead to knock Jamie unconscious. Jenny goes with him and Jamie wakens in a wagon on it’s way to Fort William. Claire adjusts Jamie’s bandages and she worries about her “lucky man”.

“Is he not alive?”

“No actually, he’s not alive.”

Jamie comforts a crying Claire and they detach from each other, meeting at their faces.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … you need not be scared of me nor anyone else here so long as I’m with ye.”

Frank who? Frankly, hes not alive, he’s not even born yet. There was no lying involved so why feel guilty if something happens, you know? I mean it’s not your typical cheating on holiday story, is it? Although, you did get pretty close for only having been gone for two days. Maybe Frank’s mouth is only good for speaking History. Their history. They’re history.

Claire goes to sleep and is woken by Mrs Fitzgibbons the next morning who helps dress her to be taken to Colum.

God, Claire. Your shoes. What are thooose!? I was recently an extra on Outlaw King (A Netflix movie coming out starring Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce) and had to wear almost identical shoes. Those loaves of bread have no grip whatsoever, it’s so difficult to walk normal in.

Beach Fail

Claire arrives to find an empty room and realises if she is going to survive she has to acclimatise herself to where she is. She reads one of Colum’s letters, 1743. Colum waddles in and Claire sees the man who was at the window, clocking his legs.

Having anything like that must be difficult let alone in a time where disabilities have few remedies and especially in a position such as Clan Chief who are supposed to be strength incarnate.

Claire requests transport back to Inverness but Colum begins to question her story, wondering how a lady could be found wandering the woods in nothing but her shift. She recalls Frank telling her about an interrogation class he had taken as part of officer training where the basic principle was to stick to the truth as much as possible, altering only the details that have to be kept secret. She tells Colum that she is a widowed lady from Oxfordshire who was on her way to distant relatives in France before being set upon by highwaymen forcing her to abandon her property and, while wandering through woods, she was attacked by Randall.

“It’s true Captain Randall has a certain reputation but he is an officer, a gentleman and you’re saying that a man bearing the kings commission decided to rape a stray lady traveller he came upon in the woods for no good reason?”

“Is there ever a good reason for rape Master Mackenzie?”


Yes! It’s strange that men, especially throughout history feel they need to protect their family, their wives and daughters but in these instances they struggle to find a ‘reason’ why someone would want to do something like this.


Though I understand his intention is to decipher if she is a spy so he is choosing his words carefully should she return to the English and pass on ill intentions.

“I believe we were discussing my transport back to Inverness.”

Nice save. Wow, Claire can really think on her feet and turn a conversation back into her control. I’d stutter for a while before getting flustered, then burst out laughing or crying. I can’t promise something wouldn’t fall out the back end either. *malteser moment*

Colum informs her that a tinker will arrive 9 days from now, Saturday next, on his way to Inverness and he usually has room for one or two passengers.

I mean, a time travelling 9 days holiday in the Highlands doesn’t sound too bad. I guess life wouldn’t be too different even if every time I think of history, I find it difficult to imagine people living in that time.

Claire watches as children play in the courtyard and Dougal’s close interaction with a boy, Hamish, and she decides maybe life on this ‘alien world’ is not so different after all. She later adjusts herself before making her way into the hall. Heads turn as she walks to the head table and curtsies.

I understand it is the culture but the egotistical rebel in me refuses to bow to someone just because of a title.

Colum offers and keeps refilling Claire’s drink while he basically fucking interrogates her. Wondering about her name, would it not be bo-cham if her family is from France? What part of France? Compeigne? It’s a lovely city, wouldn’t you agree?

Wooow, the one place she can think of and not only does he know it, he’s been there.

Hamish seems like Claire’s saviour, as he comes running past the table.

“I saw you playing with your father earlier … Dougal, surely you remember?”

Haha! Claire can’t catch a fucking break. This is my luck, if something bad can happen it will happen. My big red face would heat the room alone, I’d be sweating and choke half way through a sentence. Then feeling self conscious and shouting ‘What the fuck you staring at!?’ to random strangers.

gollum screaming

Claire staggers away and gets the fuck out of there. She understands now what they were doing and realises she will have to be more careful.

That is the sort of situation where others forget about it but 10 years later, you’re still kept up at night in bed nervous laughing and chastising yourself out loud for being so bloody awkward. And never being able to look at the people or yourself the same way again.

Claire makes her way to the stables to change Jamie’s bandages, eyeing a familiar face on the way. She startles the horse, Jamie says ‘she’s just a girl with spirit is all’. They talk over lunch about Jamie’s rescue from Fort William in which a Redcoat was shot and he was blamed and the 10 pounds sterling price on his head, a farmer’s whole year. His real name is not MacTavish, a nom de guerre. Colum and Dougal know he’s an outlaw, they’re uncles on his mothers side. On her way back to the castle, Claire confronts Rupert who has been following her. 

“I am but Dougal’s eyes, not his head. And let me warn you mistress: These eyes won’t  be  turning  their  gaze  from  you  until  the  head  orders  me  to.”

‘Pfft’  – A fitting horse like response while standing in the stables. A girl with spirit. Just the way Jamie likes them.

Claire confronts Dougal who tells her he suspects she is an english spy and his plans to have her watched day and night.

Well that was dumb. If someone knows you’re on to them for that long, of course they will change their habits to protect themselves. The best way is to catch them off guard, so they are more likely to trip up.


“Very well. But I think you’ll find I’ll be doing very little of interest over the next four days. I do hope your spies give you a full report.”

“Four days?”

“I leave with Mr. Petrie on Saturday.”

Dougal and Claire are both idiots in this situation. He tells her his plan to find out who she is; therefore, she will cover her tracks and lay low and she tells him when she’s leaving so he has time to prevent it.

Mrs Fitzgibbons tasks Claire with harvesting food for the kitchen which gives her a quiet sense of pleasure and meets a friend, Geillis, who asks Claire to come visit her as she has a cabinet full of potions and medicinals.

I like Lotte Verbeek, she adds to the already great cast and acting, giving a convincingly mysterious and witchy vibe and I like how nice she is towards Claire. Her accent is a bit iffy, like a Scottish, Irish, American hybrid but we’ll get over that.

Disputes are held in the hall and on her way in, Claire diagnoses Colum with Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome. Mrs Fitzgibbons appears as a girl dragged by her father is accused of loose behaviour. Just before the girl’s punishment begins, Jamie offers to take her punishment which Colum allows. 

I mean if she’s getting her life and no one knows of it, what does that have to do with you? What kind of father is this guy? He’s drawing more attention to himself and opening up the opportunity for people to insult his family than if she had carried on.

Dougal persists in his orders to continue the punishment, even after blood is drawn. Jamie is hit and falls to ground, Claire tries to step in but Geillis stops her.

“This way is quicker and you’ll stir less gossip.”

Okay, I love Geillis.

Claire cleans his wounds. Jamie tells her he stepped in because they would have shamed her in front of everyone she knew. Mrs Fitzgibbons enters, bringing more herb mixtures and reveals that Laoghaire is her granddaughter. Claire tells Jamie to take the bandage off in the next two days as she will be gone.

I really like Mrs. Fitzgibbons, she’s (Annette Badland) a good actress and in real life english so that’s a good accent too. Oh and Mrs. Fitzgibbons, *judge judy voice* your son/son in law is a problem. Meet our new friend Geillis, she’ll sort him out.

not poison

Mr Petrie arrives at Caste Leoch and Claire makes her way out with Mrs. Fitzgibbons trailing her armed with food. They hug but Mrs. Fitzgibbons looks serious as she sees Dougal waiting.

“Colum wishes to see you … doesnae matter why.”

Dougal is a cunt.

Claire follows Dougal and realises where she is, the room of the ‘castle hermit’ where Colum relays how Clan Beaton were healers and given that their Beaton died,  he wants Claire to take over.

See Claire, did you have to tell him you were fascinated with herbs and medicinals?

“But im leaving”

“No your staying”

Aye so I fucking would.

“As my guest”

“As your prisoner”

“Only if you try to leave”

Oh please, guest or prisoner you want me to stay regardless, it’s worth an attempt. Kick him in the shin and make an attempt at the window puss in boots style. I mean, what more do you have Toulouse?


So, we understand what Jamie and Claire become but isn’t weird how fate works. I do believe everything happens for a reason, blessings in disguise and it helps to lift the weight of feeling trapped. What could happen if you cruise for a bit?

I do worry that these posts are confusing or a bit random but, like I said, I want these to be companion pieces for the show. I know my writing can be off but the purpose of these posts are for you to have them up while watching the show and read them as if a friend was in the room, giving their opinion as it goes along.

What is a friendship without conversation, throw us a comment, we’d love to hear from you.


Outlander Series:

Season 1, Episode 1: Sassenach

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