Watch Along: Outlander S1 E1: Sassenach


So, I’ve known of Outlander for a while now but sometimes I get too exhausted from doing absolutely nothing to want to start something. Plus, I have commitment issues so I didn’t know if it would work out. What makes this special is it is set in my own country and I have an idea of what it’s about and who the actors are, having seen enough shipping on the internet (desire for fictional characters or the actors who play them to be in a relationship). Anyway, I’ve decided to give it a go and write down my reactions/views in real time. I’ve tried to look online to see how other people do these and I thought I’d write them as if you were in the room and I am watching it with you, sort of like a transcript. The pattern of these kinds of posts are always very analytical with great vocabulary and I can certainly promise you that … I’m a sloppy writer, with continuity issues and bad jokes. I make humour through looks and GIFs *stares at you*


I write how I talk and would prefer instead of detailing the episode to give you something to reference while you watch the show with me. A couple of shout outs go to SierraDeeTV for introducing me to the show better through her reactions (she’s currently reacting to The Walking Dead, Stranger Things etc. and even if you’re not a fan of the shows she’s great to watch) and also to Gavin Bell and Erin/BeautyCreep, Scottish Youtubers who I’ve recently subscribed to and who are good fun. They’ve also filmed some adventures, Scotland and beyond. Let’s begin… 


I didn’t appreciate being Scottish when I was younger. The craze was to have a different accent or just in general when you’re young, be someone else so everyone wanted to be Australian or, god forbid, American. I don’t know about other schools but we weren’t actually taught much about Scottish History, the focus is more on the Second World War. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love where I come from and here is an example of why; the scenery of Scotland. Even though I’m from Scotland, I haven’t really explored much. That is something I want to do in the New Year and while I’m watching Outlander. I could travel and visit places filmed for Outlander or just to explore and share them on the blog with you.  

“People disappear all the time. Young girls run away from home”

– My gran likes to tell me the story about how she tried to run, got around the corner and ran back crying because she forgot her knickers.

“Children stray from their parents and are never seen again. Housewives take the grocery money and a taxi to the train station. Most are found, eventually. Disappearances, after all, have explanations… Usually.”

I believe this. I don’t mean to undermine kidnappings or murders but I grew up on Charmed so I believe in fairies and witches, the supernatural etc. 


That theme goes hard tho. “Sing me a song … hmm hmm hmm hmm” … BAGPIPES. People listen to chart music, I look up Scottish/Celtic music on Youtube. I like to pretend I’m Galadriel (even though the mirror tells me I’m more Gollum) or like I’m finally awakening to my destiny to save the world or something. 

The show begins 6 months after The Second World War, (bury me to that flute) and Claire is on a second honeymoon with her husband Frank who calls it a celebration of the end of the war to begin anew though Claire believes it is more a “convenient masquerade for the real business of getting to know the people we’d become after 5 years apart”.  

If you want to look at Falkland, or Inverness in the show, Jodi’s Expat Life just recently put this video up which is a tour of the village that she stays in and it includes Outlander filming locations: She’s really sweet and I like her videos so check her out too.

We also need to talk about how fucking cute Mrs Baird is. Oh I forgot to say, I swear. WARNING. It is Mrs Baird’s B&B that Claire and Frank are staying at (also known as The Covenanter Hotel while in ‘Inverness’.

Here, Claire and Frank learn about the meaning behind the black cockerel blood on the doors outside which is an old custom in Highland folklore for Salwain –  where the church derived (story of their lives) Halloween and when ghosts are said to wander about free to do good or ill. 

Claire and Frank had been inseparable but, having spent just 10 days together during the war, have grown awkward instead of returning to the way they were. Their squeaky bed breaks through the awkwardness. 

“So much for marital privacy.”

Claire and Frank share a moment recalling how they thought of each other through the war, Frank confessing his drawing of the lines on Claire’s hand, Claire confiding that she couldn’t remember his laugh no matter how much she tried.

Thanks for forgetting me hen. I remembered the lines on your fucking hands and you couldnae muster a giggle.

They proceed to make sweet sweet squeaks.

It is heart breaking to think they were so close, were torn apart through war, went on holiday to reconnect and they are soon to be torn apart again.

Aw, Mrs Baird is the cutest pervert, listening in on them shagging.  

On the road through the Highlands, Frank points out Cocknammon rock which was used as a hiding spot for the British to ambush Scottish rebels and brigands in the 17th and 18th century. The perfect position as it commands the high ground in every position. 

Just a side note, Claire has had so many adventures, lived so many lives in one, going on excavations with her uncle, working as a nurse during a fucking world war and then time travel. Damn. And I’m out of work wearing 3 day old clothing wondering why I don’t have my shit together yet *wheeze*. 

People think Frank is boring, and it’s true, but I get him, I love history even if the adventure would be more fun. It’s just the way Frank delivers it leaves you feeling like…


This is my interested face.

Frank has a new found passion – his personal genealogy, which I’m also into right now. I gave my mum and dad an Ancestry DNA kit each for Christmas so I’ll blog about it once it’s done because technically the results apply to me to if we can trace people, right? I’m also really interested in herbology/botany which matches Claire’s new passion in plants and herbs for medicinal purposes. This is only the first episode and already I feel encouraged to travel more, learn Gaelic, read up on history, herbology in case I happened to… y’know… fall back in time, be a nurse, be Claire… what? 

They end up at Castle Leoch which was the seat of the Clan Mackenzie through the middle of the 19th century. Claire believes Frank is burying himself in the distant past to escape the present. Frank doesn’t talk about his time in the war even though Claire knows it preys on him. Frank served in intelligence overseeing spies, running covert operations, sending dozens of men behind lines on secret missions from which most never came back. 

Frank believes his ancestor may have walked the castle’s halls as it was in his operational sphere. From the kitchen, Frank and Claire end up, from the lack of lighting and ventilation, in what they believe is the province of the castle hermit.

Look at Claire’s face as she enters the room, does that look like déjà vu? 

I think they’ve reconnected now. She’s getting her pussy ate-en. Bon Appetit. 

“You’ll get dirty.”
“You can give me a bath.”

monkey gif.gif

“I do believe you’ve left your undergarments at home.”

Fanny to the wind. 

Frank and Claire visit Reverend Wakefield to research his ancestor Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall, captain of dragoons in the British army. It is here they learn that “Sassenach”, the episode’s title, is Scottish for Englishman, or Outlander at worst. 

Mrs Graham is so cute! A grandmother with abilities and inspires imagination. I wish I had that. Mine demands brandy and dusting and hoovering. 

“I thought Ms. Randall would like to join me in the kitchen?”

*shakes head* ‘No. no. no.’ 

‘Yeah, of course I would.’ My worst nightmare. Let the awkwardness commence. We’d be sipping in silence. My brain would be trying so hard to think of something to say, it’d go blank. *gulp*

New objective: learn to read tea leaves/ get my tea leaves read. 

I like this scene. Tracey Wilkinson, Mrs. Graham, is a good actress. I like subtle acting. And the music just makes the scene better. Feels nice and intimate. 

Mrs. Graham reads Claire’s tea leaves. A curved leaf, meaning a journey but crossed by a broken one which means staying put. There are several strangers, one being her husband.

(Does she mean Frank is the stranger or stranger Jamie who becomes her husband?).

She then reads her palms showing her the Mount of Venus which in men means they like the lasses but in women… 

“To be polite about it, yer husband isny likely to stray far fae yer bed.” 



The life line is all bits and pieces and the marriage line is divided showing two marriages


but most divided lines are broken, Claire’s is forked.

God I love this subtletyaaaaaaas BURY ME TO THAT FLUTE. 

Claire is taking leave because a bath is in order? I thought we had an agreement Frank? Wash me. Bitch. 

Frank comes home to see some weirdo outside the B&B looking up at Claire.

Black Glove Shock.gif

Okay, I already know it’s Jamie, but I had a good GIF to use. What’s mind blowing is that the ghosts roam free, yes, but why visit Claire in a time she doesn’t know you yet because if we know she goes back and lives a life with Jamie are their spirits not together?  

“You look like you’ve seen ghost”
“I’m not all sure I haven’t”

Finally someone who doesn’t brush it off. I hate when characters have to have black eyes and speaking in tongues before they accept a ghost is present. “Frank why have your trousers turned brown?”  

Frank wonders if the man was someone Claire knew in the war, someone looking to reconnect.

“Are you asking me if I’ve been unfaithful?”

You shady bitch.


Frank successfully climbs out of the hole by telling Claire nothing she could ever do could stop him loving her.

Claire – ‘me too’ unconvincingly. I swear I left the screen for one minute and they were clothed and then came back to find Claire’s dress off and Frank sucking on her nipple. I mean I know sex scenes are fake but he actually sucked on it. Bon appetit, squeak squeak. 

Frank and Claire get up in the wee hours because Frank wants to “see the witches” or, rather, druids at Craig Na Doon.

I know that is where Claire has her fall through time but I’ve often wondered if your body or instinct reacts to a place where you die, before you enter, or the name of the place you disappear.

Women in white appear holding torches dancing within the stones until the sun rises through the trees.

What I want to know is if the singing actually happened (in TV land I mean, I know it was probably put in during post-production) or if we think it’s magical and Claire and Frank think it’s awkward as fuck watching these women flailing around awkwardly.

But YAAAAAS at witches dancing scene. The music as they begin their ritual, building up as the sun comes up. *Wipes tear* so beautiful. Weird things can happen when you’re alone. No I haven’t danced and opened the curtains slowly as the sun came up.


“They should’ve been ridiculous. And perhaps they were. Parading in circles on top of a hill. But the hairs on the back of my neck prickled at the sight.”

Same hen. Do you think Mrs. Graham had some knowledge or idea about what would happen to Claire? Especially given that she looked at her tea leaves and hands? Journey but staying put etc.  

Claire goes back to pick up a Forget Me Not she had seen, and Claire and Frank kiss for the last time.

It is sad that Claire and Frank have begun this adventure together and they are slowly knitting back together just for Claire to be ripped away soon after again. More importantly, I’ve got Forget Me Nots in my garden. Bye bitches I’m away to the 18th century.

The visuals seem quite dull, the wind picks up, a rumble is heard and Claire places her hands on the stone. She likens what happens to a car crash she once experienced, woken from a sleep and the sickening sensation of falling at a high speed. 

Like when people tell you to try a roller coaster because it’s fun but the whole time you’re stuck to your seat, stomach jumping and head hitting off the side.


Claire wakens in vibrant greenery and wanders back to a car which no longer exists. Tumbling down a hill she steadies herself before a gunshot rings, she looks up as Highlanders and Redcoats shoot at one another and her rational mind believes she has wandered onto the set of a costume drama until a Redcoat fires live ammunition at her. A chase begins…*fucking highland jig* 


Gurl, you betta run. *jig continues*


Claire runs until she stumbles on Frank, or rather his ancestor Jonathon Randall who then joins the chase and corners her with his sword to her throat. Just before he uses his other sword on her a Highlander knocks him unconscious and extends his hand to Claire.

Now why in the hell did that Highlander leave without sticking a dagger in Jon’s gob and shut him up there and then. But then we wouldn’t have a story. So…


let’s continue  

Oh, Claire you want to shout ‘help me’ to the soldiers who were dressed the same as the man who just tried to rape you?

Claire is rightfully TKO’d for shouting for help from the men who shot at and tried to rape her. She is taken on horseback to a hideout where the rest of the smelly party are. They need to keep moving but are unable to leave until clansman Jamie has his dislocated shoulder put back into place. Just as they are about to fuck it up, Claire intervenes. After explaining she is a nurse, she skillfully puts his shoulder back into place. Claire then rides with Jamie and he offers to cover her with his plaid. 

“You make sure to stick close to the rest of us. And should you try anything else, I’ll slit your throat…”

“Of course, sir. Three bags full sir”

*Five minutes later when they’re fighting* *Legs it* 

“You mean we’ll be riding all night?” “Aye. And the next one I’ll reckon.” 

Gurl, imma bout to start swinging. All I can think about is Caitriona Balfe better be getting paid. To think of how many takes on cold night shoots during fake rain in your nightdress as well as exposing herself more than the men and getting her actual nipple sucked.

They ride until Claire recognizes Cocknammon Rock. She warns them of the British army patrol and Jamie throws her off the horse like “get out me car”(look it up goddammit, c’mon talk meme with me) as he and the other clansmen charge the Redcoats. Meanwhile, Claire legs it. Aye hen, where ye hink yer goin wae no horse in a nightie? Obviously, Jamie finds her. 

“If you don’t walk, I shall pick you up and throw you over my shoulder, do you want me to do that?”
“Well then, I suppose that means your coming with me.” 

Dougal is looking too suspicious, he needs to take the heat down a degree, degree as in BSc because he’s a big smelly cunt. He hasn’t earned my love yet. But Graham McTavish is wonderful.

They ride until Jamie falls off of his horse as a result of a gunshot wound during their scuffle with the Redcoats. Luckily there was a clean exit but unluckily it was in the same fucking arm he dislocated. 

They are so lucky to have Claire. If Claire hadn’t time travelled, Randall wouldn’t have been knocked out and therefore delayed, Jamie’s arm would be fucked, they would have been ambushed and if Jamie survived he would have died from infection.

So Claire disinfects Jamie’s arm and bandages him all up and… 

“You goddamn bloody bastard.” 
“You can mind your own bloody business and so can St Paul.” 
“And if you move so much as a single muscle while I’m tying this bandage,  
I’ll bloody throttle you.” 

… scalps them. 

“Thank you Sassenach, truly.” 
“On your horse soldier.”

*High school musical music* This could be the start of something new.  

Jamie and clansmen have been heading to Castle Leoch, this time a bustling home.

Time is trippy. Even if you live in the moment, looking back makes me sad how quickly time flies. To think Castle Leoch was full of activity and housed many people to being nothing and vacant. The thought of being in Claire’s position in terms of adventure sounds nice but in real life, without an audience like us to share in the experience, at least in the beginning I’d be like “I just want my mummy”.

I Don't Have Cell Service Here And It's Making Me Rash

Even so, in under a day, Claire had been assaulted, threatened, kidnapped, and nearly raped. 

“… And somehow I knew… my journey had only just begun.” 

Yeah… I think I’m going to like this show.

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